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OFMA Update – February 2, 2011

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Next Meeting – February 9, 2011, High School Choir Room

Due to inclement weather and the closing of the Olmsted Falls City Schools, the regularly scheduled meeting of OFMA has been cancelled for February 2, 2011.

At our next meeting we will be providing a mid-year update on our fundraising activities and review the activities to occur for the balance of the school year, which include Ballroom Blitz and the Nautica Charity Poker Festival.

Students who participated in the Hoagie Sale are reminded to pick up their product for delivery this Saturday, February 5, 2011, between 1pm and 3pm at Shaker’s IGA.  Assembly of the sandwiches will take place at 11am Saturday morning at Shaker’s and we still need parent and student assemblers.


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February 3, 2011 at 3:53 am

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OFMA Update – November 29, 2010

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Next Meeting – December 1, 2010, High School Choir Room

As mentioned in our last blog, two new fund-raisers have been planned to support the students in their fund-raising efforts for the New York Trip, a Christmas Tree Sale and a Hoagie Sale. Details for the Christmas Tree Sale have been posted on the blog, but we have received many questions. Hopefully the following will clarify a number of those questions and feel free to contact us at ofmamusic@gmail.com if you still have questions.

First about the Student Pre-Sales:

  • Band and Choir Students were provided pre-sale order forms the week of Thanksgiving. The form is meant to track the students individual sales and should be turned into Judy Crandall or Tim Strelau by end of school, Friday, December 3, 2010. Students will receive credit for their personal sales via the order form sheet, trees can be paid for at time of pick-up, but the order must be registered on the form for the student to receive individual credit.
  • A sign-up sheet for set-up on Friday and lot sales on Saturday and Sunday has been circulated to the Band and Choir Students. Students working a minimum shift of two hours will receive a portion of the sale proceeds for lot sales made on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Additional order forms can be printed from the blog if necessary.
  • Trees will be set-up on the lot for inspection and purchase.
  • We will have many additional trees for sale, walk-ins on Saturday and Sunday will benefit the students working so keep chatting up our lot!

The following items would assist us in making the lot a success, items can be donated or if we can borrow them it would be much appreciated:

  • Steel Fence Posts
  • Post Driver
  • Christmas Tree Lights (D-9)
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Bailing Twine (will not be returned)
  • Propane Heater

Again, our next meeting is December 1, 2010, and we encourage active participation by members and non-members alike, so please drop in or send us your thoughts and ideas to ofmamusic@gmail.com.

Happy Holidays to All!!!

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November 30, 2010 at 2:25 pm

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OFMA Update – November 22, 2010

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Next Meeting – December 1, 2010, High School Choir Room

The Olmsted Falls Music Association wishes to congratulate the 2010 Olmsted Falls High School Marching Band on another excellent and extended year. It was fantastic to see the ranks of the band swell again with the incoming Freshmen and we will miss the solid group of Senior band members as they continue on their path to graduation. Thank you also to the Music Faculty, Tim Strelau, Julie Budd, and Cheryl Keith for their hard work in making our Band one of the most awesome in the conference. Of course, special thanks to all the band parents and other volunteers who have chaperoned, served band snacks, dressed and outfitted our students for this marching season!

But wait, many performances still await us! Here is an update of upcoming music concerts for the rest of 2010:

4th and 5th Grade Choir Concert
December 9, 7:00 PM – OF Middle School
6th Grade Choir Concert
December 7, 7:30 PM – OF Middle School
High School Choir and Band Xmas Concert #1
December 13, 7:30 PM – OF High School
High School Choir and Band Xmas Concert #2
December 16, 7:30 PM – OF High School
3rd Grade Concert (Double Concert, 2 seatings, 6:30 & 7:45)
December 20, 6:30 PM – OF Middle School

I would also like to continue to encourage those of you who have not attended an OFMA Meeting to stop in over the next few months. The meetings are open to members and non-members alike and your participation is encouraged. While a portion of the meeting is devoted to the organizational business requirements, the majority of the meeting time is devoted to extending and supporting our mission.

While our main mission is supporting the music programs across the district, the availability of funds to provide support is directly influenced by our ability to raise funds. As we move from 2010 into 2011, we will continue several traditional fund-raising efforts and will also implement a few new opportunities to help our students out. In October Tim Strelau and Judy Crandall announced that a spring trip was being planned for a group of students from the band and choir to New York City. Two of the new fund-raisers will allow students to raise money in support of their trip expenses, details of the first event, a Christmas Tree sale, are contained in the “Pages” section of the blog.

OFMA Members have been busy on a number of projects this Fall, I hope everyone was able to obtain a personalized window cling for their band or choir student. Delivery of the clings is anticipated the week of Thanksgiving!

Planning has begun for Ballroom Blitz on February 26, 2011, to be held again at the Columbia Ballroom in Columbia Station. This event highlights the talents of our Jazz Band and Golden Expressions groups and is a fabulous evening out for all. Please drop us a line at ofmamusic@gmail.com or contact an OFMA Officer if you wish to participate on one of the following committees:




Event Hosts


In October, we were also notified that we have been allotted a four-day Nautica Poker Festival in 2011. This event has become a significant fund-raiser for OFMA and details on how you can offer your volunteer support will be forthcoming.

Again, we encourage active participation by members and non-members alike, so please drop in at our next meeting or send us your thoughts and ideas to ofmamusic@gmail.com.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

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November 22, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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OFMA Update – October 19, 2010

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Next Meeting – November 10, 2010, High School Choir Room


Thank you to all who have mailed, dropped off or sent to school your 2010-2011 Olmsted Falls Music Association Membership check. Your sponsorship plays a large role in providing Education Support, Scholarships and assistance to our Band/Choir Directors to further the musical education of students throughout the District. It was great to see so many new faces at the October OFMA Meeting and we look forward to seeing more new faces at future meetings. Special thanks to those core members who offer much support which is vital to continuing our mission for music excellence in the District!

Now for the update:

During the October Meeting we reviewed several upcoming fundraising activities which include:

Annual Pizza Sale

– The sale will be for thirty days and is primarily supported by Middle School and High School Students. We will need volunteers to assist with tallying orders and pizza distribution, both take place at Razzles Rocker’s Café. We will send another update when the dates are confirmed and with additional sale details.

Krispy Kreme Sale

– We have sold out 300 dozen donuts at each of the first three home games, with net profit approaching $1,900. We will also be selling Krispy Kreme Donuts at most music events throughout the District this year and appreciate your support of this new signature fund-raising activity. We have two home games left and are looking for volunteers, 2 pre-game, 2 for half-time and 4-5 for post game sales. Send us an email at ofmamusic@gmail.com  and we will contact you.

Razzles – Wing Night

– This event will take place at Razzles, October 23, 2010, from 7pm to 9pm. Tickets are $15.00 per person for all you can eat pizza, wings and beverages. Your entry ticket will also be entered into a drawing for a $100 cash prize. There will be a basket raffle, side boards and other opportunities to support OFMA.

Other Business before OFMA

– The old band gig bags which were replaced this year are being donated to the West Side Crisis Center. At a Music Directors request two motions were brought to the floor and approved:

1. OFMA will provide $675 to support the SWC Symposium, hosted this year by Olmsted Falls High School. These funds will defray the cost of dinner for symposium student attendees.

2. OFMA will support the acquisition of 69 dresses to support the choir programs at the High School, estimated cost is $45.00 each.

The November Meeting is in conflict with the SWC Symposium and has been moved to November 10th, please note this on your calendars.


P.S.  We appreciate your comments, input and ideas, additionally if you have a picture to share from a District music event please email it to us at ofmamusic@gmail.com

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October 20, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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OFMA Update – September 30, 2010

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Next Meeting – October 6, 2010, 7pm, High School Choir Room

“What an exciting time of year. The air is getting crisper. The leaves are changing. The days are getting shorter. The smell of fall and a hint of winter is in the air.” – Sam Arendec

Krispy Kreme Update (from Sam Arendec)
Wait, there’s a new scent. Can you smell it? The delicious, comforting smell of donuts; the aroma of opportunity. It brings with it the promise that when the seasons turn again there will be new chances to grow. A hope that when we have done our share, that those who come after us will have what they need to continue. A chance to make what was given to us stronger.

We have 3 home games left to make a difference. 3 more chances to earn funds that will help our music program to be better than it was yesterday. 3 more opportunities to make a new tradition in Olmsted Falls that can carry on for years. 3 more times to make Friday evenings and Saturday mornings a little sweeter.

I need your help and I am asking you to be a part of the new tradition. I need volunteers for the next 3 home games to man the Olmsted Falls Music Association Booth before the game, during half time, and at the end of the game. You need only choose 1 game, 1 shift. We need 2 people to setup, 2 at half time, and 4 as the crowds leave the stadium. The donuts sell themselves. We can also offer in and out privileges to the game as volunteers.

We have successfully sold out 300 dozen donuts the first 2 home games to earn over $1,200.00. With your help, we can earn another $1,800.00 over the next 3 games. With your help, we hope to move to 400 – 500 dozen at future games. Isn’t that worth an hour of your time?

The remaining home game dates are this Friday against Brecksville, October 22nd against Amherst, and finally October 29th against North Olmsted. If you can help out, send an email to ofmamusic@gmail.com and someone will contact you!

Falls Day in the Park Update
We will be manning a table at Falls Day in the Park this Sunday, Oct. 3rd, from 1-4 pm. We will have membership forms available as well as OFMA Merchandise at a discount for your consideration. Please come out and support the band and enjoy a Fall day with your neighbors and friends.
Razzles Wing Night Update
Our Razzles Wing Night Fundraiser is fast approaching, come out share a night of fun and great food with your Music Association friends on October 23, 2010. We are still looking for basket sponsors/donations, please contact us at ofmamusic@gmail.com if you can help out with a basket. We will be selling tickets at the OFMA Tent at home games, at our table at Falls Day in the Park or by contacting us at ofmamusic@gmail.com.

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October 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm

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OFMA Update – September 15, 2010

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Next Meeting – October 6, 2010, 7pm, High School Choir Room

The Olmsted Falls Marching Bulldogs and Bulletes will be participating in the Lakewood Band Festival this Saturday, September 18th at 7pm.  The Festival will be held at Lakewood Stadium at the Corner of Bunts and Madison in Lakewood, tickets are $6.00 for Adults, $4.00 for Seniors, and $2.00 for Students.  Come out and support our students and see a great showing of the areas best marching bands.

Our first meeting of the 2010 – 2011 School Year was held on Wednesday, September 1st. The full agenda included updates on our finances, various committee reports, and an update from our Music Faculty.

We are focused on a number of initiatives this time of year, attracting and retaining new members is a key focus as volunteer support is especially important in support of our music programs. We have a variety of opportunities through-out the school year, so please attend a meeting or contact us at ofmamusic@gmail.com to find out how you can help out. This year we are planning a number of fund raising events to support our students and programming. I am sure those of you attending our Varsity Home Football Games have noticed our volunteers selling Krispy Kreme Donuts. This will continue through the remainder of the season as well as during school concerts. We will be holding a Wing Night event at Razzles, October 23rd, tickets will go on sale soon. Please see an OFMA Officer for tickets or reserve your tickets via email.

Come visit the OFMA Table at Falls Day in Park on October 3rd. We will have more detailed information on upcoming events and sign-up sheets for our major activities this year, we really do need your support. We will also have OFMA merchandise items we will be selling at clearance prices. See you there!

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September 16, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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OFMA Update – August 26, 2010

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Next Meeting – September 1, 2010, 7pm, High School Choir Room

It is hard to believe, but already we are in Day 3 of the 2010 – 2011 Olmsted Falls School Year. Band Camp is now over, we have marched in the Heritage Days Parade, and now we look forward to the first football game of the year this week away at Padua.

This is really the inaugural update for our new blog for the Olmsted Falls Music Association at www.bulldogmusic.wordpress.com, you can expect the content, links and useful information to become more robust over time and indulge your patience as we take these first steps.

The blog will be our primary means of communicating updates and requests to our members, so it is important we have your email address on file. Please take a minute to drop us a quick email to confirm your email address to ofmamusic@gmail.com, also if you have ideas for stories, useful information, or great pictures please forward them to us as well.

Last Spring the voting membership of our organization elected the following officers for the 2010 – 2011 School Year:

Amy Schneider – President
Susan Lewis – Vice President
Michelle Neudeck – Secretary
Donald Woods – Treasurer

The organization has operated successfully due to its outstanding membership and volunteer base and we are asking for your assistance again this year, so please take a moment to click on the link to our Membership Form, complete it and drop it by our first meeting of the year. Our monthly meetings resume September 1, 2010, and are held the first Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held at the High School in the Choir Room. Expect a full agenda with updates on our accomplishments, finances, volunteer activities, fundraising activities and preliminary schedule of events for the 2010 – 2011 School Year.

Volunteer Need #1 – Parent Chaperones, Friday Night Football Games – We need parent volunteers for both home and away games, responsibilities include monitoring student behavior, marching into and out of the stadium, ensuring the safety and security of the students and equipment. Approximately 4 -6 parents are needed for home games and 10 -12 parents are needed for away games. Parents volunteering to assist with away games must be able to ride to and from the games on the buses provided for the band and may not be accompanied by children.

Volunteer Need #2 – We need 2 – 4 volunteers to assist with Krispy Kreme Donut Sales before and after varsity home football games.

Volunteer Need #3 – We need 4 – 6 volunteers to assist with band snack distribution at half time during home varsity football games.

Please drop us a note at ofmamusic@gmail.com if you are able to assist at one, two or all of the events.

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August 27, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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